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Small Business Bookkeeping: A Major Pain for Most, A Necessity for All

Small Business Bookkeeping: A Major Pain for Most, A Necessity for All Running a business, no matter how small it may be, is both a fun and daunting experience at the same time. There is no denying that all business owners have to deal with finances daily. Unfortunately, not all are capable enough of doing so efficiently. As a result, the majority of the businesses run into financial trouble that could have been avoided otherwise. But don’t worry, as we will discuss the what, why, and how of compelling accounts management.

What is Bookkeeping?

Before we get started, let’s get down to the basics of what bookkeeping is:

Bookkeeping is a vital aspect of effective and smooth business management. It involves recording and cataloging every single business transaction. Bookkeeping provides essential insights into how your business is performing financially, enabling you to make informed decisions about its future.

In addition to helping you stay on top of your finances, bookkeeping can also help you keep your sanity. It’s difficult for most entrepreneurs to keep accurate records of every transaction and receipt in their heads. Furthermore,  it’s much easier to stay organized and focused on the bigger picture with a proper accounting system in place.

Why do small businesses need bookkeeping?

Now let’s talk about the importance of keeping a continuous track of finances for a small business:

  • Tracking Profitability— Evaluate the financial performance of your business to assess how profitable it is.
  • Helps with budgeting decisions— Provide you with reliable information for future planning and making effective budgeting decisions.
  • Helps with taxation —- Making calculating accurate tax returns easier.
  • Warnings about the upcoming potential crisis—- Hiring an expert for managing your accounts not only tells you if your business is in profit or loss. These services warn you about the potential financial crisis beforehand so you can take necessary measures to avoid it.
  • Makes collaboration with other involved parties easier—- An organized financial record enables you to share information easily with other parties such as lenders, investors, and accountants.
  • Performance Evaluation—- Identify which aspects of your business are generating more profit, as well as which areas are draining your account and need your attention.
  • Easier Reporting— You will get comprehensive and well-presented financial reports periodically by outsourcing your accounting to a firm or an individual. It is beneficial when you often have to report to investors or stakeholders.

How to manage your accounts?

Bookkeeping is something that you either have to learn or outsource when you’re running a business. But if you already have enough on your plate and don’t get along with numbers, here are a few ways you can handle the accounts management for the business:

Hire an in-house accountant

The first option is to recruit a certified accountant or bookkeeping expert to manage your business’s finances. By employing their expertise, you can save your precious time to focus on other parts of your business, improve business processes, and enjoy unmatched peace of mind.

Get a software

Nowadays, you can find plenty of accounting or bookkeeping software that costs much less than hiring an accountant. However, these softwares do not provide a one-stop solution and often cannot cater to all of your accounting needs.

On the other hand, they automate the entire process and save time hence improving productivity.

Hire and accountancy firm

Lastly, the ideal choice is to outsource the accounting and financial tasks to a bookkeeping service such as Simply Smart Solution. A Calgary-based bookkeeping service provider that helps small and medium businesses to manage their accounts.

The perk of working with such firms is that they provide a complete solution to all your accounts-related problems such as taxation, expenses, profits, etc. Moreover, they deliver financial reports that provide critical insights for the growth of your business.

When selecting one of the above options, evaluate your requirements and determine whether their services align with your needs.

To make it in business, you need more than a great idea. You also need to know how to keep track of your finances. That’s where bookkeeping comes in. You can avoid committing mistakes that might land your business in massive trouble by outsourcing your accounts or books management to a trusted service like Simply Smart Solution. Additionally, you can focus on other essential things that matter by saving your time and clearing your schedule.


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