SSS BookKeeping

Company History

As a result of being in the business world for almost ten years, we know that two fundamental aspects are customer value and long-term relationships. We’ve also learned successful businesses find way to build revenue and save on costs by exploring new opportunities while staying true to core values and ideas at all times.

We’re not just here for taxes! Our team can do all that tedious, time-consuming work, so you don’t have to. Our experts will take care of your bookkeeping and find ways to make sure you are always on top.

SSS Mission

SSS offers a commitment to add value for all of our stakeholders. We will do this by providing fast response, committed expertise and consistently high-quality services with low turnover rates, ensuring that there is always someone available who knows the company's processes inside and out. This creates long-lasting satisfaction between us and those we are serving to offer stable retainer bases from clients while also acquiring other visionary organizations. SSS plans to generate enough customer satisfaction to provide a sustainable retainer base and use this as the foundation for acquiring other visionary organizations. This creates an environment where SSS is a dynamic, innovative, forward-moving organization as a whole.

SSS Vision

We at SSS aim to be the most sought-after multi-service provider through consistency in delivering quality and value, multiplied exponentially through services under a time constraint. With compliance being one of our foremost priorities, we have made it easy for you as an investor or borrower. The idea behind our company is simple: provide consistent, high quality assistance with all your financial needs while still complying with regulations. Thus, we make things easier for both the investors / borrowers to get what they need without hassle anywhere worldwide.

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