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Nowadays, personal taxation is an integral part of every individual’s financial well-being. At SSS Book Keeping in Calgary, we understand the profound importance of personal tax management and its direct impact on the financial stability and growth of our clients. As a personal tax accountant, we recognize that tax preparation is a daunting task which involves pitfalls and complexities.

Personal taxation ensures that you comply with a legal obligation, which influences everything from your disposable income to your ability to make future investments. Here at SSS Book Keeping, we strongly believe that managing personal taxes efficiently helps you to achieve your life goals with peace of mind.

Personal Tax Service in Calgary

A personal tax strategy is more than tax preparation and returns. Business owners, high-net-worth individuals and corporate directors experience complex tax scenarios. Our specialized personal tax accountant in Calgary helps our clients with tax legislation and protects their personal and family wealth by developing an effective financial plan. Two types of tax credits are there – refundable and non-refundable tax rebates. Refundable tax rebates lower the amount of tax you owe, but it is also available if you don’t owe any taxes. Also, it provides several benefits, including loss of income, child rearing, health care and housing costs. On the other hand, non-refundable tax rebates reduce the overall tax amount you owe; for instance, you can get a tax bonus on a donation. 

In-depth Understanding of Canada’s Personal Income Tax Zones

Tax rates are applied to the money you earn within specific income ranges, referred to as tax brackets. Understanding where your income falls within tax bands will help you determine when and how to apply for specific credits and deductions. Every province in Canada has their own tax zone, and that’s why our personal tax accountant in Calgary will assist you in minimizing tax liability while ensuring compliance. Considering tax rates of the province where you live is mandatory while using your earnings and tax bands. 

Alternative Minimum Tax

You need to calculate adjusted taxable income and include particular tax preference components which are exempted from the calculation of regular taxable income while doing normal tax calculations. If you are compelled to pay the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), you will receive a credit in future years if your regular tax liability exceeds the AMT level for that year.

Make More Money in Calgary

Your Canadian residency status may not affect whether you need to file a Canadian tax return or not, but it must affect the income you must report, how you file your taxes, and the availability of certain rebates. For example, if you live in another country but have income from an investment you have in Canada, you will need to file a tax return. 


Why Choose SSS Book Keeping?

Advanced technology-based operating systems, qualified expertise, and dedication to accuracy are available to Calgary individual taxpayers who want to prioritize minimal liability and maximize tax savings. At SSS Book Keeping in Calgary, our experienced personal tax accountant develops personalized tax plans based on each client’s financial objectives. Our personal tax services include:

  • Estate and trust planning
  • CRA representation
  • Personal retirement planning
  • Rapid electronic filing and quick refunds
  • Comprehensive review and assessment of tax-related documents.

Professional Ethics and Trust

At SSS Book Keeping, our professional personal tax accountant follows a strict code of professional ethics. We are committed to honesty and integrity to make sure that your financial information is dealt with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. As your trusted tax partner, our commitment is to provide accurate advice and maintain your financial privacy.

Personal Tax Preparation

We understand that taking a DIY approach with widely available cheap tax software is highly tempting, but there is no need to do it. Our expert tax accountants at SSS Book Keeping specialize in personal tax return preparation to save your time. We are a team of highly experienced professionals in Calgary who know all the ins and outs of maximizing the refund with the tools and strategies to make informed financial decisions at an affordable rate. 

Quick Income Tax Filing

Our team prioritizes accuracy in tax preparation and takes pride in working more quickly than other professionals. Our experienced personal tax accountant understands clients don’t have time to follow up to find out the return status; that’s why we will contact you to get your approval once your tax return is complete. 

Use Trusted Source

We collect all tax-related information and CRA of our clients from the Canada Revenue Agency so they stay focused on what is necessary. 


Accurate, Accredited, Affordable!

At SSS Book Keeping in Calgary, we firmly believe that by partnering with our experienced personal tax accountant, you don’t only manage your taxes but also secure your financial future. Contact our trusted advisors to achieve financial success while getting peace of mind.

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