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9 Disasters You Get From Illegitimate Bookkeeping

Genuine and proper bookkeeping services are vital for any business; ensuring financial transactions are accurately recorded, managed, and stay up-to-date. Without proper bookkeeping a business is unable to track its growth and maintain a healthy cash-flow. Each business is different and so are their needs.

Therefore, it is important that you hire the finest bookkeeping services in Calgary that aligns with your company process and goals. However, not all bookkeeping services are created equal. Businesses often outsource their accounting needs from novice accounting and bookkeeping firms, and unfortunately end up in a mess – lack of experience and knowledge, poor professionalism and practical solution, improper and old methods of accounting and bookkeeping, late result and submission, and so on…

Engaging with an illegitimate bookkeeping service can lead to a multitude of disasters that can have far-reaching consequences for your business. On the other hand, professional and registered bookkeeping services in Calgary bring peace of mind by establishing a sense of trust through its reliability, flexibility, affordability, and professionalism.

Inaccurate Financial Reporting

One of the most significant disasters that can occur when using an illegitimate bookkeeping service is inaccurate financial reporting. Without proper expertise and knowledge, these services may fail to record transactions correctly, leading to misleading financial statements. Inaccurate financial reporting can have severe consequences, including legal issues and making informed business decisions.

Non-Compliance with Tax Regulations

Illegitimate bookkeeping services often lack the necessary understanding of tax regulations and laws. As a result, they may fail to meet compliance requirements, leading to penalties and legal complications for your business. Non-compliance with tax regulations can not only harm your finances but also damage your reputation.

On the other hand, businesses can effortlessly navigate the complexities of tax compliance with the best bookkeeping services in Calgary.

Data Breaches and Security Risks

Engaging with a poor bookkeeping service can expose your sensitive financial data to significant security risks. These services may lack proper security measures, making your financial information vulnerable to data breaches and unauthorized access. Such breaches can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, and severe damage to your business’s reputation.

Poor Cash Flow Management

A crucial aspect of bookkeeping is managing cash flow effectively. With expert bookkeeping services in Calgary, the process is precise and on-time. With a novice bookkeeping service,you risk poor cash flow management due to their lack of expertise. Inadequate cash flow management can lead to financial instability, missed payments, and difficulties in meeting obligations, ultimately affecting your business’s growth and sustainability.

Inefficient Expense Tracking

Inefficient expense tracking is another disaster that can arise from using worse bookkeeping services. Without proper systems and processes in place, these services may struggle to accurately track and categorize expenses. This can lead to incorrect financial reports, over or underestimation of expenses, and difficulties in budgeting effectively.

Lack of Professional Advice

Unlike illegitimate bookkeeping services, professional bookkeeping services in Calgary do not lack the expertise and knowledge. They always provide valuable financial advice. The solutions are tailored and implemented considering a company’s recent financial health and future financial goals. Without access to professional guidance, you may miss out on crucial insights and strategies to improve your financial management. This can hinder your business’s growth potential and limit your ability.

Audit Triggers and Penalties

No one likes to get cornered and face CRA questionnaires. Improper bookkeeping poses serious threat to your business process. Hiring a bookkeeping service that increases the risk of triggering audits is just unacceptable. Facing penalties from tax authorities – of course, not!

Inaccurate records and non-compliance with regulations can draw unwanted attention, leading to time-consuming and potentially costly audits. These audits can disrupt your business operations and result in penalties and fines.

Loss of Time and Productivity

Dealing with the aftermath of disasters caused by novice firms can consume a significant amount of your time and resources. From rectifying financial records to addressing legal issues, this can detract from your core business activities. The loss of time and productivity can hinder growth and put your business at a competitive disadvantage.

Reputational Damage

Above all, engaging with an illegitimate bookkeeping service can cause severe reputational damage to your business. Inaccurate financial reporting, non-compliance, and security breaches can tarnish your reputation in the eyes of clients, investors, and stakeholders. Rebuilding trust and credibility can be a challenging and lengthy process.


Contracting professional and licensed bookkeeping services in Calgary can result in a wide range of advantages for your business. From accurate financial reporting to healthy cash flow, the consequences can be impressive. It is crucial to prioritize working with legitimate and reputable bookkeeping services to ensure compliance, and the security of your business’s sensitive data. Investing in a professional bookkeeping service may save your business from the disasters associated with illegitimate providers. Make a good decision by contracting SSS-Bookkeeping, your place-to-go for professional accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services in Calgary.

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